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A motivated mentor of young minds and a big believer in the empowering and transformative power of education, he is currently transitioning from Cypress Semiconductor into a futuristic Network programmer role at Cisco Systems after learning everything he could related to Network engineering. His expertise in networking and security is now becoming rounded out with Web Application Development, and Automation. You are welcome to reach out to him for mentorship in start-up management, and feel free to pick his brain regarding placement and/or career development, higher studies. Conversations on Comics counterculture, superhero ideologies and all such things are also welcome.


A staunch believer in the approachability of technology provided you have the right mix of hard work and dedication, he is currently working as a full stack web Developer in Vizzury. A man of many technologies, he wields MEAN stack expertly and is part of the current revolution in web development. His skills include helping web apps load faster, secure and look appealing. Many major e-commerce industries are using his services to gain an insight in consumer behaviorisms and online presence. He is a cricket enthusiast and is always willing to share his ideas on technique and fitness.


A person known in his circle for his consistently above average knowledge grasping and implementation skills, he makes other people’s work easier by developing web tools for Test and QA automation in Cisco. A certain level of expertise can be expected in tech like PHP, MySQL, Apache, STAF and Web UI.


"When you Sign up for a workshop with us, you get the workshop (obviously) and many other tailor-made benefits, all of which help your resume grow..."

Certificate of Completion

When you attend our workshop and complete all the hands on activities, assignments and quizzes, you earn your certificate of completion by the instructor.

AWS Hosting for your App

Our web development workshop will encourage you to make your own application. We will host it for free on Amazon's cloud, ensuring its working 24x7. Not only that, you get a cool URL to your app!

Placement / Internship

We have made wide ranging associations with partner startups who are looking for professionals trained by us. You might be instrumental in making of the next big thing!

Continued Mentorship

Whether you are stuck with a line of code or having sleepless nights making your career decision, you are not alone. We along with our group of friends and their professional network are here to help you. Reach out to us.


Two words describe our workshops: Relevant and Hands-on. We will not teach you anything which is not useful or relevant in industry or anything that is purely theoretical.

Enterprise Network and Security

This starts from the very basics of TCP/IP networking and dives deep into security discussing about different methods of encryption and hashing used in Industry. With the understanding of packets and protocols it further goes into implementing a virtual firewall. At the end, we paint the overall picture of how an enterprise network of today looks like and what are the security appliances and their functions.

  • Network Primer : Quick Revision of 7 layers of OSI
  • Security Primer : Quick Understanding of security concepts like Authentication, Encryption and Hashing.
  • Enterprise Network : Understanding various components in an Enterprise Network and their functionalities
  • Hands On : Implementing a rule based firewall for company Network to filter traffic

Mobile-First Web App Development

With the advent of the e-commerce industry, there's a huge demand for web developers who can rapidly turn ideas into code. Web frameworks discussed in the workshop helps in fast prototyping and production. We go on to show how the enterprises are using these tools to increase their productivity and efficiency. This starts from understanding the basics of client-server architecture, HTML, CSS and then server side programming.

  • Client/Server Architecture : Know how the web applications work and the pages are served when requested.
  • Web Hosting Basics : Understanding the mechanics behind web hosting: DNS, IP Mapping, Hosting, FTP etc.
  • HTML/CSS Primer : Quick Overview of HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Designing Responsive Mobile First Website using Twitter Bootstrap
    • What is responsive design and the need of it?
    • Understanding different screen sizes and their dimensions.
    • Bootstrap rows and column architectures.
    • Content Delivery Networks and Bootstrap delivery through it.
    • Responsive design using different sized columns
    • Bootstrap buttons for every purpose.
    • Data Handling with Bootstrap forms.


In accordance with our vision, we aim to grow our community in major campuses and hope to connect with the budding engineers there. We are super excited about our upcoming programs in these campuses. Give us a shout out if you are in the vicinity, and come join our movement. Educational empowerment for all!

M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Dates Coming Soon

New Horizon College of Engineering

31st October

Manipal Institute of Technology

7th November

BMS College of Engineering

14th November

R V College of Engineering

1st November

Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering

Final Dates Coming Soon....


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Hear what students have to say about TechBack

Ayush Mohan
MIT, Manipal

It was an awesome experience. The way Tanay made us understand the concepts about deep learning and neural networks in such an easy way was phenomenal! Looking forward to many more of these sessions with you! Read More

Sai Seshnag
NIT, Surathkal

I attended the web design workshop by techback and I can say without a doubt that this is the best workshop of all I attended. Through out the workshop Tanay created interest in designing and how a good responsive web page should look like. Read More

Pranav Singhania
PESIT, Bangalore

A decent workshop starting off right with the basics, which most of the workshops fail to do. Would surely try to attend longer sessions if any. Quite helpful and insightful at the end of the day. Read More

Girija VK
M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Thank you Tanay for giving such a good idea about web develpment in just three hour workshop.. liked it. waiting for many such usefull workshops in future. Read More

Nagu SN
RVCE, Bangalore

This is the best workshop of i attended. Tanay also gave scope of the workshop and motivated us to go ahead in this field. It was really an awesome time. Thank you. Read More

Rashmi Shenoy
Mount Carmel, Bangalore

One of the best practical sessions that i have attended so far. It added on to the little knowledge we had about the subject. Expecting to have more workshops that would help us explore more stuffs! Read More


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